The New Bilingual ‘Take-One’ Information Card


Children’s Mental Health Ontario is pleased to share our new bilingual ‘take-one’ information card.  This new piece is designed for year-round distribution through member agencies, community information boards, physicians’ offices, schools, and other venues where children, youth and their parents may be seeking information about their mental health needs.

The purpose of the new card is to direct individuals to CMHO’s website to find accredited, community-based child and youth mental health centres in their area.

1 in 5 Ontario children and youth has a diagnosable mental health problem – that’s about 500,000 kids and teenagers.  Most have mild or moderate illness that is treatable.

Research has proven that early intervention is critical to providing kids with a hopeful and healthy future.  The services offered by community-based mental health centres across Ontario often prevent mental health problems from escalating.  These services are accessible to children, youth and adults and are less costly to deliver than more expensive hospital-based services.

Children’s Mental Health Ontario

  • Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) represents and supports the providers of child and youth mental health treatment services throughout Ontario.
  • Our core membership consists of accredited community-based children’s mental health centres that serve some 150,000 children and their families annually. Parents usually can approach accredited agencies directly; a doctor’s referral is not required. Services are provided at no cost to clients.
  • CMHO has released Building a Better School Environment for Youth with Mental Health and Addictions Issues, a report by its Youth Action Committee. The power of this project is that it was developed and led by youth who encouraged their peers to have a voice. The report is the first of its kind in Ontario.

For more information, please contact Christine Pelletier at 416-921-2109 ext. 130 or

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