Pediatrics Section Membership

The Pediatrics Section strives to represent all Ontario pediatricians as well as the public at large. While all pediatricians are members of the Pediatrics Section, only those that pay their voluntary Pediatrics Section dues are Premium Pediatrics Section Members. It is only through Premium membership support that we have the means to continue our work.

As part of our mission to support all of Ontario’s pediatricians, we aim to offer many of our services to all pediatricians, despite Premium membership. The Section continues to issue our regular newsletter (PedsOntario Journal TM) as well as our Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario (PAO) Newsletter (Ontario Pediatricians Unite) to all Ontario pediatricians, Premium member or not. We also accept billing and other inquiries from all Ontario pediatricians as part of our effort to support and unite our pediatricians.

How will Section Membership Benefit you?

Since 2010, the Pediatrics Section has begun initiatives to add value to your Premium Pediatrics Section Member status. All Premium Pediatrics Section Members are provided with free access to our members Intranet with others may still use this service for a fee. Since August 2011, the Pediatrics Section altered our registration policies only allowing Premium Pediatrics Section Members to attend our events. The Pediatrics Section also issues a quarterly newsletter to our Premium Members (Pediatric News) for their benefit.

What is in the Pediatrics Intranet (Members Section)?

The Section works on behalf of our specialty for the benefit of all, through working towards fair remuneration, by continuously updating our codes and by making sure that the Pediatric voice is heard.

  1. Political Information Resource: The Section posts important reports that we do not have the resources to send out to the entire Ontario body of Pediatricians. These reports are of great relevance to Pediatricians and may be accessed in the members-only section at any time.
  2. Medical Information Resource: The Section also posts recent articles of relevance to pediatricians interested in continuing education.

What else is the Section working towards?

The Section on Pediatrics is designed for the sole purpose of promoting Pediatrics. The Section is also allied with formulating an effective and unified voice for the future of our children’s health. As we are entering a new era of health care in Ontario, pediatricians have much to offer in shaping the new system. We have LHIN’s and FHT’s and FHN’s and an alphabet’s soup of new bodies.

Pediatrics is not without its crises – and they need Section support.

There is currently a looming crisis of manpower in every area of pediatrics. As of 2005, approximately 11% of pediatricians planned to retire by 2010. Another 36% planned to reduce their work hours. There are tremendous shortages of Pediatricians in cities and towns with populations under 100,000.

Pediatric Remuneration increases have been in serious discussion throughout 2008 and 2009. It is now time for decisions to be made. The Section fully supports Pediatrics and is working towards the approval of a deal that will greatly benefit all pediatricians.

Without membership support, The Section will be unable to continue its work on behalf of Ontario Pediatricians. By supporting the Section, you will allow us to advance your issues and have your voices heard.

For those of you who have supported us we thank you, and for those of you who have not, please give us your consideration.

Problems logging in?

If you are a pediatrician in good standing in the province of Ontario, you are eligible to access the members only intranet where you can find files, information and ablility to blog with your colleagues.
We realize our membership list is difficult to keep up to date but at the time of the previous site’s launch, we issued invitations to all eligible pediatricians based on our most recent files.

If you did not check off primary or secondary membership on your OMA renewal form, we may not have you on our database.

If you think you are eligible but unable to access the site email us at

Other Questions?

If you have a question about the website or its contents please email Robyn, our Executive Director, at